So excited to introduce "Reno." Watch for this little man to do great things coming up!

Ellie was my first Weim. She really has no desire to hunt and she developed stage fright  in the show ring but she was the best companion you could ask for.

Ellie Mae VIII  (2004-2016)

Kodi was a rescue that I fostered and adopted due to significant health issues.  He's a rather aloof fellow unless he was visiting the vet, then suddenly he became my best friend! He found his calling hunting rats (Barn Hunt Association). 

Kodi (2008-2016)

Marvin (unknown-2016)

Gone but not forgotten...

Dreamweaver's I'm a Cool Breeze  (Breeze) BN

Skylar was a goofy boy taken before his time. He got caught in a snare trap while I was out exercising the pack and I was unable to free him. He died in my arms. You can read about his story here.

PM's Dreamweaver She's Got Magic  (Magic) BN

Destined for greatness and taken way before his time. Otter was a phenomenal hunter and companion that will be forever missed.

Drehbar's Amazing Grace, CGC, BN, RI; NAVHDA NA Prize III

Dreamweaver Weimaraners

Magic is a longhair Weimaraner from PM Weimaraner breeding. She is a petite girl, weighing around 48 pounds. Her health testing has all been normal. She has also been started in obedience and rally.

The Boys

Split Rock's Going For The Wynn (aka Reno) 

co-owned with Tammi Byers / Split Rock Weimaraners

Marvin was my first foster failure. He was found on a highway covered in road rash and had a broken femur.  It took months for him to recover and he was skinny as a rail.  I'm not sure how he came to be named Marvin but I'm guessing it may have had something to do with "Starvin' Marvin."

Skylar (2009-2012)

Breeze is a longhair Weimaraner and is a spitfire of a girl! She will be hunt tested later this fall. She has limited health testing at this time: HYM, HUU, and SD all normal. Hips to be done later this year. She has started her preparation in obedience and rally.

The Girls

INT CH Helfinstine's Alabama Bleu Bojangles:  GE, CD, PCD, BN, RAE, RATN

Hunting Tests: NAVHDA NA Prize II, NAVHDA UT Prize II, VHDF AHAE 164

Bo is our pride and joy. As the foundation of our blue Weim breeding program he is the grandson of Southern Kennel’s best retired female (Biscuit) and the grandson of the famous Bleu of Tuscaloosa. Solid as a rock, Bo weighs 88 pounds and stands 25.5 inches tall. He is a well-toned athlete with a muscular build and a beautiful block head. He sports a deep charcoal coat that is soft as velvet. Bo is a long-hair carrier meaning he is short coated but when bred to a long hair or long hair carrier it is likely some pups will have long hair.
Bo loves to train whether it’s field and water work or rally and competition obedience. He is an intense study and eager to please

Bo has exceptional drive in the field with good range. He excels at tracking pheasant and obediently delivers to hand. On guided hunts, he has been the talk of the field with hunters raving about his performance.

Bo scored 164/180 in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation AHAE test.

Bo is standing at stud live cover or fresh shipped semen to health tested and approved bitches.

PM's High Velocity Otter, BN, RA, NAVHDA NA Prize I, UT Prize II

Mazie, out of IntCH Drehbar’s Breatkin All The Rules and Int CH Drebar’s Dusty Roads, is nothing short of “amazing”. She demonstrates skill in the field, great conformation, and a wonderful family-geared personality. Mazie is a water fanatic, never missing an opportunity to go for a swim. She thrives on attention and loves to “strut her stuff” for everyone to notice. She has a high drive to please and her greatest pleasure is being a companion – whether in the field, home, or on the road - she is always near and ready for an adventure.

Mazie is petite at 58 pounds and 23.5 inches tall. Her coat is a dark charcoal color.

Mazie is close ranging in the field but is thorough in her search. She is a phenomenal retriever and will happily retrieve all day long!  In the ring she wants everyone to see her perform. She delivers with style and grace.