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Canine Health Information Center


  • Hip Dysplasia   (OFA Evaluation - OR  PennHIP Evaluation)
  • Eye Examination by a boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist  (Results registered with OFA - OR  CERF)
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis ( OFA evaluation from an approved laboratory)
  • HYPERURICOSURIA (Optional)  ( DNA Test from the UC-Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab)
  • Hypomyelination (Optional)  (DNA Test from the UC-Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab)

*Note – In addition to the breed specific requirements above, a CHIC requirement across all participating breeds is that the dog must be permanently identified via microchip or tattoo in order to qualify for a CHIC number.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

The Mission of the OFA
To promote the health and welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease

The OFA is guided by the following four specific objectives:
To collate and disseminate information concerning orthopedic and genetic diseases of animals.
To advise, encourage and establish control programs to lower the incidence of orthopedic and genetic diseases.
To encourage and finance research in orthopedic and genetic disease in animals.
To receive funds and make grants to carry out these objectives.

What Genetic diseases and/or conditions should my breed be screened for?

When researching a potential purchase of a puppy or dog, it is important to find a breeder who screens for health related issues. The incidence, type and severity of inherited genetic disease varies from breed to breed. The OFA and the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) have worked with breed clubs to establish the specific screening criteria that is most important for each of those individual breeds.

Testing Organizations

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Dreamweaver Weimaraners

Iowa Weim Rescue is devoted to rescuing displaced Weimaraners, providing them with a safe, stable and balanced environment and making the life-long commitment to finding them forever homes.

The Iowa Weimaraner Rescue carries a high level of excellence and is the voice for the Weimaraners in our program.

The Weimaraner Quiz was created to help you in your decision to see if a Weimaraner is right for your family.  If you take the quiz and a Weim is perfect for your family you will then have another choice:  Do we find our Weimaraner using a Weimaraner Breeder or Weimaraner Rescue?

Weimaraner ownership

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association  To be truly meaningful, tests for versatile hunting dogs must meet certain criteria. They must be conducted in an environment that reflects actual hunting conditions and situations. They must test the important qualities of a good versatile dog. Judges must be knowledgeable, consistent and objective. All testing and evaluation is to be within the context of judging dogs as useful, productive hunting companions. NAVHDA tests have been designed with these requirements in mind. In addition, our record keeping provides an accurate, complete performance evaluation on each dog tested.

In order to eliminate direct competition between dogs, entrants in a NAVHDA test are judged one at a time, by three judges, with their performance scored against a standard. The only exception to this is the Invitational Test, in which dogs are braced in the field so each dog can demonstrate his willingness to back and work effectively with another dog. Prizes are awarded on the basis of numerical scores achieved in the test. Each dog that meets or exceeds minimum standards in all areas of work is placed in one of three categories: Prize I, II or III. Prize I being the highest classification. If all dogs entered in a NAVHDA test perform well, all can receive a prize.

Barn Hunt is the new and quickly growing dog sport catching fire across the country! Barn Hunt is based on the traditional roles of many breeds in ridding farms, barns, crop storage areas, and homes of destructive vermin. Some breeds were specifically created to fill this role, and for many of those breeds, Barn Hunt provides their first true opportunity for responsible breeders to test proper working traits in their dogs. Barn Hunt is also open to any dog of any breed or mix who wishes to play the game and can fit through an 18" wide by bale-height tall tunnel. Barn Hunt has titles, levels of increasing difficulty, and championships. Barn Hunt is an independent sport, but titles are recognized by both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC).

Barn Hunt is committed to creating a safe and fun sport for dogs, that also holds rat care at the highest level of consideration. The rats used in Barn Hunt are often beloved family pets. They jump eagerly into their safe, comfortable aerated tubes and truly enjoy interacting with the dogs.

We're a great sport for older dogs, and older people too! Tripod dogs can compete, and so can deaf dogs. To get started first read the rules, then find a club near you, or even think about forming your own club. You can also find events on the event calendar. We hope you try it, we think you'll like it!

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