My goal is to produce first and foremost: healthy, loving, companions that are beautiful and intelligent; bred for their intended purpose - hunting. 

My dogs  are eager to please and excel not only in the field but also in  other competitive events .

My dogs are health tested (hips, eyes, heart, thyroid, hypomyelination, hyperuricosuria, and spinal dysraphism), conformation evaluated (by AKC approved judges) and hunt tested in NAVHDA and VHDF. They also compete in AKC rally and competition obedience classes.

​If desired, I strongly encourage families to show, test, and hunt with their dog. It has been my intention from the inception of my breeding program to produce gifted hunting companions.

I  met my first Weim at a puppy kindergarten class and it was love at first sight! I got my first Weim about 6 months later. Ellie was a snuggler and loved to go wherever I went. We tried our hand at hunting - she didn't much care for it. We tried obedience. She was great in practice but the show ring caused stage fright. She couldn't understand English - I couldn't speak German. She managed to get a Rally Novice title and then I promised her that was the last time she would have to go in the show ring. I couldn't ask for a more loving companion.


Dreamweaver Weimaraners

It was at an event hosted by our local training club that I met the director of the  Iowa Weimaraner Rescue. Eager to give back to the breed, I became a volunteer. I have fostered many dogs and am on the Iowa Weim Rescue's Board of Directors.

When my beloved rescue, Skylar, was killed in a trap  I set out to find a pup. It was during that search that I came across the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) . I liked that there were local chapters that  could help you train and test your dog.  It was something new but also exciting and challenging.

I am a member of :

  • Weimaraner Club of America (WCA)
  • Blue Weimaraner Club of America (BWCoA)
  • North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA)
  • Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF)
  • Iowa Weimaraner Rescue